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Dressage Saddles

Dressage Saddles are designed so they accommodate a longer leg position due to the Dressage Rider mainly being seated throughout the use of this saddle as Dressage events do not require any jumping this means they have a very straight cut flap the pommel is slightly higher and the deepest seated position for the rider is further forward to allow for the longer leg position.

This saddle enables the Dressage rider to be more comfortable than say a jumpers saddle and this will also relax the riders horse. not only this but the stuffing of the actual panels of the dressage saddle are often reduced to give the rider a better feel with their horse.

The Dressage saddle may also incorporate additional padding to the front of the knee way more so than a jumping saddle, this is supposedly to help the dressage rider to keep their knee down and thigh back but there is also less padding behind the calf as a dressage rider will be aided by this to freely move the lower part of their leg to communicate with the dressage horse.

A dressage saddle billets are normally very long which allows the dressage saddles girth to be buckled near the horse's elbow instead of under the dressage riders leg, this enables effective leg communication, although not all dressage saddles have long billets.