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Horse Insurance

Horse riding is an absorbing and wonderful pursuit but dealing with a large animal is not without its inherent pitfalls and this is why taking out horse insurance is so important for any owner or rider. There are many types of horse insurance to cover different situations; insurance for you and your own personal horse, and insurance that covers riders when engaging in equestrian activities on other people's horses. All of these provide peace of mind.

We like to think that we are immune from accidents on horseback because we know our animal so well but even the gentlest horse can be frightened by a loud noise, or be involved in an accident while being ridden and in these circumstances it is best to have coverage that will provide medical insurance for yourself as a rider, or to prevent others from suing you on their behalf in an accident.

Typically these policies cover riders ages 5 to 75 and protect them in the case of injuries due to accidents of all types when involved in horseback riding activities. Some coverage also provides protection while travelling and competing in shows and can be purchased to cover the rider as well as the horse itself. Most of the policies can be individualised to the specific needs for the most basic to the most advanced riders.

Student riders are well-advised to get personal rider's insurance to protect themselves from common accidents that can occur in class situations. You and your horse may be very reliable but you cannot count on other's skills or horses to be as reliable as your own.

Riding at a school, or someone else's horse often involves signing a waiver releasing the owners from responsibility should an accident occur. They are protecting themselves because they realise that anything can happen when around such large animals. You need to protect yourself as well.

As you graduate and develop your skills certain equestrian elements can be fraught with their own inherent dangers. Handling more lively horses, or engaging in activities such as jumping, cross-country, polo, polocrosse or other horse sport, make having rider's insurance a necessity. These are not the only times when horse insurance is a smart move, however. Even simple pleasure rides on a nearby trail can hold unseen dangers. Loose dogs, downed trees, or a car backfiring can give even the calmest of horses a start, and unseat the best of riders.

Make sure you have the horse insurance you need to provide you with assistance if and when you need it. Just like health, car, and home insurance, we hope we will never have to use it, but are sure happy it is there when we do.